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June 2th (Sat)-3th (Sun) 2012(all-night)

Open/Start :Open 14:00 / Start 15:00 / Finish 3th (Sun) 14:00

Kodamanomori, Kiso-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano, JAPAN

Presented by
TEL: 03-6303-3690 weekday (12:00-17:00)    E-mail:info@taicoclub.com

Under the auspice of
Embassy of the United States of America/British Council
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Sponsored by
SANTA FE NATURAL Tobacco Company (Japan) K.K./graniph

Supported by
Shibuya Television/ TOWER RECORDS/ DISK UNION/
ArcTokyo Productions/ INFUSION DESIGN INC.

Open Air Special stage / Open Air music hall


Africa Hitech
Animal Collective
Ichiro/Ichiro Shibata
Josh Wink
King Krule
Mouse On Mars
Pépé Bradock
Ricardo Villalobos
Takkyu Ishino
Zainichi Funk
and more…


Adcanced Ticket
Ticket pricing is various depending on when you buy.
Category 1 (Limited 1,000pcs): 2nd (MON)-31st (MON) October, 2011 SOLD OUT
Ticket only: 9,000 yen Ticket + Parking: 11,000 yen
Category 2 (Limited 1,000pcs): 1st (TUE)-30th (WED) November, 2011 SOLD OUT
Ticket only: 10,000 yen Ticket + Parking: 12,500 yen
Category 3 (Limited 2,000pcs): 1st (THU) December, 2011-29th (WED) February, 2012  SOLD OUT
Ticket only: 11,000 yen Ticket + Parking: 14,000 yen
Category 4: 1st (THU) March, 2012 till sold out.
Ticket only: 12,000 yen Ticket + Parking: 15,000 yen SOLD OUT
*Tax inclusive.
*Ticket application is to be closed when all advanced tickets sold out.
*Purchasing only parking ticket is not available.
*Tickets are not eligible for cancellation after order confirmation.
*Tickets are to be dispatched in early May.
*All personal information belong to Koinobori Co.,Ltd.

Door Ticket
Door ticket -13,000yen
*Not available when advance tickets sold out.

Bike Parking Ticket
Day ticket – 500yen

Campsite Ticket

Buy Ticket On Internet
TAICOCLUB Official Site

Buy Ticket On Shops
Tower Records Shibuya 03-3496-3661
diskunion Shibuya Club Music Shop 03-3476-2627
diskunion Shinjuku Club Music Shop 03-5919-2422
diskunion Shimokitazawa Club Music Shop 03-5738-2971
diskunion Ochanomizu Shop 03-3295-1461
diskunion Ikebukuro Shop 03-5956-4550
diskunion Kichijoji Shop 0422-20-8062
diskunion Machida Shop 042-720-7240
diskunion Yokohama Nishiguchi Shop 045-317-5022
diskunion Fuchinobe Shop 042-752-0425
diskunion Tsudanuma Shop 047-471-1003
diskunion Chiba Shop 043-224-6372
diskunion Kashiwa Shop 047-164-1787
diskunion Kitaurawa Shop 048-832-0076
diskunion Tachikawa Shop 042-548-5875
diskUNION CLUB MUSIC ONLINE http://diskunion.net/clubt/

※Parking ticket is not sold in those shops.

Buy Ticket On Play Guide


Bus Tour
KNT TAICOCLUB’12 Official Bus Tour(with/without adnvanced ticket)

By Train
JR Yabuhara Station is the nearest station.
The free shuttle bus service is available for all ticket holders between the station and the festival site.

– From Kanto Area
JR Shinjuku ⇒ JRShiojiri (JR limited express Super Azusa:156 minutes)
JR Shiojiri ⇒ Yabuhara Station (JR Tokai Chuo Line: 30 minutes)

– From Kansai Area
JR Shin-Osaka ⇒ JR Nagoya (JR Shinkansen Nozomi : 51 minutes)
JR Nagoya ⇒ JR Kiso-Fukushima (JR limited express “Wide-View” Shinano : 83 minutes)
JR Kiso-Fukushima ⇒ Yabuhara Station (JR Chuo line : 14 minutes)

【The last/first train of Yabuhara Station】
– Kanto area
(The last train from JR Shinjuku)
Departs at 20:00 ⇒ Arrives at JR Shiojiri at 22:29 (JR limited express Super Azusa No.33)
Departs JR Shiojiri at 22:35 ⇒ Arrives at Yabuhara Station at 23:02 (JR Chuo Honsen Line)

(The first train from Yabuhara)
Departs at 06:27 ⇒ Arrives at JR Shiojiri at 06:54 (JR Chuo Honsen Line)
Departs JR Shiojiri at 06:59⇒Arrives at Shinjuku Station at 09:27 (JR limited express Super Azusa No.4)

– Kansai area
(The last train from JR Nagoya)
Departs at 20:08 ⇒ Arrives at JR Nakatsugawa at 21:22 (JR Chuo Honsen Line Rapid)
Departs JR Nakatsugawa at 21:30 ⇒ Arrives at Yabuhara at 22:44 (JR Chuo Honsen Line)

(The first train from Yabuhara)
Departs at 07:21 ⇒ Arrives at JR Kisofukushima at 07:35 (JR Chuo Honsen Line)
Departs JR Kisofukushima at 07:42 ⇒ Arrives at JR Nagoya at 09:16 (JR limited express “Wide-View” Shinano No.2)

By Car
– From Kanto Area
Chuo Express Way: about 30minutes from Ina I.C. on Route 361 and Route 19.

– From Kansai area
Chuo Express Way: about 90minutes from Nakatsugawa I.C. on Route 361 and Route 19, or Chuo Express Way: about 30minutes from Ina I.C. on Route 361 and Route 19.

Area Map

View Access to TAICOCLUB “Kodama no Mori” in a larger map


・People under 20 years of age are not permitted to enter the festival.
・Primary school age children or under 12 years of age are free to enter the site as long as they are accompanied by their careers.
・If anybody is found who has entered the festival illegally, it will be reported to the police and the violating person will be put under their care. The person will also be subject to pay compensation for any damage.
・The festival will not be cancelled due to rain or inclement weather. Tickets cannot be refunded due to a natural [or an unexpected] disaster.
・Please be prepared for rain and/or cold weather.
・Tickets cannot be refunded due to artist cancellation.
・The festival will not be responsible for injuries accidents, disease and thefts in and out of the festival site.
・Once entering the venue, re-entrance is not permitted.
・For environmental protection, any food or drink are not allowed to be brought into the festival site. Please make use of shops for refreshments/food inside the festival site.
・Glass bottles, cans, fireworks, explosives and any illegal substances are not allowed to be brought into the festival site.
・You may bring a camera and/or video camera into the site but it is strictly prohibited to record the artists. No sound recording equipments are allowed in the site.
・We strongly ask you not to leave rubbish in public places both within the festival site and outside the site such as local convenience stores and public rubbish bins and collection point that have no connection with our festival.
・In the case of the usage of a counterfeit tickets or finding any trespass, the person will be handed over to the police and will be claimed damages.
・People with intolerable behavior or those who do not follow the staff’s direction in and out of the site will be requested to leave the festival. On such occasion, the ticket will not be refunded.
・Please use smoking area or portable ashtray when you smoke.
・We are NOT tolerant of any disturbances to the local neighbors.
・An open fire is forbidden at camp site. We recommend to come round early to set up camp before sun set.
・There is an aid station but please take care of yourself and your friends from heat attack, the symptom of dehydration, or any health damages.
・Lost wrist bands will not be re-issued for any reason. Guests without a wrist band will be asked to leave the site, so please be extra careful not to lose it.
・Please keep the writst band on your wrist until you leave the Festival.
・After exchanging from a ticket, a wrist band will be a proof of your ticket purchase. Please look after it with care during the Festival period.
・We don’t take any responsibility for a theft at festival site/car parking site.
・Entrance tickets are to be dispatched early/middle May.